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This site is about the history and genealogy of my family. I have families that came from Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Wales.

My surnames include;
Heer/Herr, Evans, Haush/Hausch, White, Gallagher, Burton, Yeaman, Woods, Vienhage/Vinhage, Faderl, Ritter, Parkins, Bonjour, Cliff, Neuschwanger, Dower, Vatter, Felling, Fitzgerald, Hannifin/Hannafin, Gaffney, O'Connell, Bostock, Bostwick, Bolduc/Balduc, Norman/Normand, Fernet, Boudreau, Connor, Lagasse/Lagace, Gagnon, Madson, Hegberg, Howarth, Hughes, Jones, Kemmer, Long, Madore, Millhouse, Oliver, Passmore, Pawley, Price, Renwick, Sarbaugh, Sincock, Speckerman, Stage, Temple, Tiffany, Vanderheyden, Wearing, Zahrndt, and many more.